Top 10 Delicious Beer Cocktails

Whether you're a fan of the classic beer cocktails or are looking to try something new, these drinks are sure to tantalize your day drinking taste buds.
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Are you a fan of mixing drinks? And do you like adding beer as an ingredient to your cocktails? If you’re one of those people who appreciate a little bit of beer in their drink, then this blog post is perfect for you! Today, we will share the top 10 delicious drinks that have beer as an ingredient. These cocktails are perfect for any occasion, and you can easily make them at home. So, let’s get out mix on and explore some of the tastiest cocktail recipes that you can try with beer!

1. Shandy

Shandy is a classic beer cocktail that is popular in the UK and some parts of the USA. It is made by mixing beer and lemonade. You can try this drink with different fruit flavors like grapefruit, raspberry, or orange, depending on your taste preference. This drink is a classic for day drinkers. The lower alcohol content makes it perfect for camping, days on the lake, working from home, or for people who don’t need a lot of alcohol to get their buzz on.

2. Michelada

Michelada is a popular Mexican beer cocktail made with beer, tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, and maybe even Worcestershire sauce. You can modify the recipe according to your preference by adding salt, black pepper, or different kinds of hot sauce. This drink is perfect for a weekend brunch or when you’re watching a football game or day drinking in general. The versatility of Micheladas makes them a mixoligists best friend! Have fun and make your own creations!

3. Beer Margarita

Beer margarita is a perfect blend of beer and margarita, making it a refreshing drink during hot summers. Its recipe is pretty simple; you only need beer, tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. All you have to do is mix and serve it over ice. It’s basically a carbonated margarita, what’s wrong with that?
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4. Black Velvet

Black Velvet is a popular cocktail made with stout beer and champagne. This drink is perfect for festive occasions or celebrations. The proportion of the two drinks is one-to-one. You can add a splash of blackcurrant liqueur to enhance the flavor. It’s kinda like a mullet, classy in the front and party in the back.

5. Red Eye

Red Eye is another popular beer cocktail that is a mix of beer and tomato juice. It is also known as a ‘bloody beer’ or just plain ‘red beer’ because of its red color. This is a great hangover drink if you just are ready for a Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria. You can also add spices like black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, or hot sauce to make it more flavorful if you’re in the mood to make a Michelada.

6. Beer Sangria

Beer Sangria is a perfect summer drink that is a mix of beer, fruits, and wine. You can add fruits of your choice like oranges, strawberries, or apples to enhance the taste. You can also add honey or sugar for sweetness. Adding different kinds of wine and beer is a great way to have fun experimenting with new concoctions. This drink packs a punch so keep your wits about ya!
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7. Beermosa

Going out for brunch, camping, headed to the pool, hungover? Why not make yourself a delicious Mimosa-inspired beer cocktail? It’s a simple and refreshing combination of beer and orange juice. Wherever you are this beverage is sure to quench your thirst, especially when starting your day drinking shenanigans. Plus, it’s just so easy to make – pour a beer and add as much OJ as you want, and you’re good to go. Bottoms up!

8. Gin and Beer

Gin and Beer is a refreshing cocktail that is perfect for spring or summer afternoons. You only need gin, beer, lemonade, and mint leaves to make this drink. Mix them well, and you have a refreshing drink that is perfect for any occasion. Adding different liqueurs can totally enhance the flavor and give you some truly unique and refill-worthy.

9. Boilermaker

Boilermaker is a classic beer cocktail that is made by dropping a shot of whiskey in beer. It’s a perfect drink for getting the party started or when you’re watching your favorite sports and lose a bet. The methods of serving this drink vary but I prefer the depth charge method and dropping the shot glass into the beer and chug chug chug! Unleash your creativity with endless whiskey and beer combinations for a fun and exciting drinking experience.

10. Stripper Beer

Ok, this one I saved for last, it’s a doozy. One of my college friends told me about this and now I know why it has the name that it has. It’s great for parties since it’s easy to make and can be easily shared since you’re going to want to make this in a large pitcher. The recipe for this beer cocktail includes 1 can of frozen juice concentrate, fill that can with water and mix, then fill the same can with vodka and mix, and then add 3 cans of light beer. And voila! You have a dangerously delicious beer cocktail!

Let's wrap things up!

There you have it, folks – the top 10 delicious beer cocktails that you can try at home or almost anywhere they serve alcohol. Whether you’re a fan of the classic beer cocktails or are looking to try something new, these drinks are sure to tantalize your day drinking taste buds. So, go ahead, grab a cold beer, and mix yourself one of these tasty cocktails for your next party or chill-out session with friends! Cheers!
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